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Make positive you are feeling Blu in your subsequent anal encounter! The 0.5-ounce Anal Blu tube points a twist off cap for easy storage. Simply observe alittle quantity of Anal Blu to the rectum and inside minutes the desensitizing cream will make anal pleasure that extra pleasurable. Being Blu simply felt lots better! Relax Anal Lubricant ought to additionally be a desensitizing lube which can assist ease range of the doable pain related with anal play. This silky clean liquid maintains undesirable friction cornered , and provides a lightweight numbing impact to assist maintain matters blissful at some point of backdoor exploration. Active Ingredient: Lidocaine. From XR Brands. Dare Anal Desensitizing Arousing Cream gently desensitizes and numbs the anal area. Enjoy the experience and keep away from the pain and interruptions. Enhance the pleasure of sodomy with desensitizing lubrication. The Anal-Ese components eliminates the soreness and gives the final phrase in sodomy satisfaction. Delight your derriere with barely tickle! Tush Tingle may want to additionally be a enjoyable due to the fact of test with new sensations and heighten the word of your body. Eze your way into backdoor play! Tush Eze should additionally be a Benzocaine, Lanolin-based desensitizing cream that is used to beautify the pleasure of anal play.

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